School of Disobedience
Liget Residency




2024.03.04. 19.00-20.00


Liget Gallery’s Artist-in-Residence program offers space and time to develop artistic methods focusing on research, experimentation, and process over outcome. For the inaugural residency in March 2024, Liget Gallery will serve as the working and rehearsal space for the School of Disobedience (SoD) and its founder, interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, and community activist Anna Ádám, providing a soft and critical environment for experimentation, research, creation, and collaboration. Although the gallery will not adhere to its regular opening hours, visitors are invited to follow and experience the development of SoD’s project at public events on 4, 17, 22 and 27 March.

“Sculpture Theatre & Performing Objects: The performativity of things”
Using an experimental and somatic approach, participants will explore the narrative, performative, and choreographic potential of sculptures, objects, and things within the collaborative framework of the School of Disobedience. This research will be structured around three thematic week-long workshops, culminating in a choreographed exhibition with fellow residents participating (open call & scholarship below).

At the intersection of performance art, research, non-formal education, and community activism, the School of Disobedience was dreamed up and created by Anna Ádám as part of her artistic practice.
The School of Disobedience is a unique hybrid of a radical, critical, and experimental artist-run Performance Art School, a feminist Fight Club, and a Community Space.
The School of Disobedience aims to be a new form of resistance, a revolt against fast art, a collective healing garden, an ode to sincerity and courage, a passionate and radical platform for simple actions and small changes.

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