Dávid Somló
Two Long Pieces


2023.12.14. 18:30 – 21:30
2023.12.15. 18:30 – 21:30


Performance and sound artist Dávid Somló presents “Two Long Pieces,” an experiment aimed at deepening collective attention within the vacant space of Liget Gallery. The two participatory performances will last for approximately 3 hours, and their pace will be determined by two iconic musical compositions, while the gallery’s void will be filled with the thoughts and imagination of participants. The first session focuses on experiencing states of concentrated attention and coexistence, whereas the second piece aims to explore the state of idleness.

First piece: Balance – Eliane Radigue: Trilogie De La Mort
December 14, 6:30-9:30 PM

On this evening, participants are invited to practice Dávid Somló’s performative movement meditation, “The Delicate Balancing of a Stick,” also known as “stick balancing.” This practice, which has gained visibility in an increasing number of places throughout the year, will be accompanied by Eliane Radigue’s 2-hour 48-minute piece, “Trilogie De La Mort,” inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead. While balancing the stick, participants can discover the progressively refining nature of their movements, develop an open and profound attention towards both their stick and the surrounding environment, and experience a sense of care for the simplest things. The practice will be continuous, and joining is only possible at the beginning of the event, requiring participants to be present for its entire duration.

Second piece: Boredom – Erik Satie: Vexations
December 15, 6:30-9:30 PM

Maintaining a task-less presence and sustaining objective-less attention for an extended period can be a demanding challenge. However, in the emptiness that arises from idleness and boredom, unexpected things can emerge over time. The participants can practice experience of this together within a set framework – the only variable element in coexisting in an empty space is changing one’s perspective, while Erik Satie’s mysterious repetitive composition “Vexations,” originally nearly a day long, will play for almost three hours. Participation in the event is only possible by being present from the beginning of the event for its entire duration.

Dávid Somló is a performance maker and sound artist based in Budapest. His artistic practice focuses on spatiality and interactions. Using simple elements, structures and instructions, he creates immersive sound compositions and choreographies that allow participating audience members to examine their everyday movements and interactions regardless of age or prior experience. With a primary tool-kit consisting of several dozen portable speakers, he has a unique flexibility in composing spatial sound, creating highly adaptable and interactive sound environments.

His performances, installations and interventions have appeared in a wide range of locations, including foot-tunnels, underground stations, public squares, forests, a Turkish bath, an abandoned office, an abandoned factory, a mining museum, a synagogue garden, an ancient monument, and private flats.

His work has been presented at festivals around the world — e.g. in the programme of: Prague Quadriennale (CZ) / Festival d’Avignon (FR) / Passage Festival (DK) / FiraTárrega (ES) / D-CAF (EG) / Festival XS Bruxelles (BE) / 4+4 Days in Motion Festival (CZ) / FIME Sao Paolo (BR) / Istanbul Fringe (TR) / Sonorities (NIR) / Mais Imaginarius (PT) / Montag Modus (GER) / UH Festival (HU) / Placcc Festival (HU).

He is an associate artist of public space performance network IN SITU and Placcc Festival.

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